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THERMAE & SPA MEDICINE International Scientific Journal

Editors in Chief:

U. Solimene        Italy
Z. Karagulle       Turkey
N. Storozhenko   Russian Federation

International Journal of Integrated Spa Medicine, Thalassotherapy and Techniques of Well-being (see also aims and scopes)

Thermae & Spas, widely distributed throughout all the world, represent one of the most deeply rooted components in the living cultural heritage of Europe . As well as an important opportunity for therapy, they are also a significant social phenomena.

Consequently, it appears evident that Thermae,Spa Medicine and Thalassotherapy, supplemented by methods and techniques of rehabilitation and well-being, confirmed scientifically, today regain their full relevance. In addition to the scientific heritage of Western medicine, medical knowledge of ancient traditions, including those far from our own, but scientifically valid according to the research models of Western science (acupuncture, phytotherapy, techniques of relaxation, Chinese and Indian medicine) take on importance.

However, this situation does not always correspond to correct professional information being  circulated to the medical class and health personnel. This is the reason for THERMAE & SPA MEDICINE aimed at the medical class.

The journal is under the patronage of the World Federation of Thermalism and Climatology (FEMTEC) and the European Association of Medicine of Well-being (AEMeB), in collaboration with the International Association of Medical Hydrology (ISMH).

It will contain, on a six-montly basis, scientific works (clinical and experimental) on the above subjects by internationals authors, researchers and operators at Spas and centres for Well-being, to provide an instrument of global knowledge that is not only theoretical but also practical for the specialists and operators of the sector.

SPA MEDICINE is honoured by an International Editorial Board that will guarantee not only international accreditation but also scientific and objective information for readers.

Publisher is THERMAE CAMPUS, School of High Training in balneotherapy,thalassotherapy and complementary medicine.

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